The Myth of Fingerprints
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Film Stills

Bart Freundlich Bart Freundlich-Brian Kerwin-Laurel Holloman Arija Bareikis-Roy Scheider Blythe Danner-Roy Scheider Blythe Danner-Roy Scheider Brian Kerwin-Julianne Moore-Noah Wyle Brian Kerwin-Laurel Holloman The Family James LeGros-Julianne Moore Julianne Moore James LeGros-Julianne Moore Julianne Moore-Laurel Holloman-Michael Vartan-Noah Wyle Arija Bareikis-Noah Wyle-Roy Scheider
Myth Poster Hope Davis-Laurel Holloman Hope Davis-Michael Vartan Noah Wyle

Film Clips
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  Theatrical Trailer
(4.1 MB)
Jake tells Warren that Daphne's home.
(2.4 MB)
The family has dinner.
(2.8 MB)
Warren and Daphne meet.
(3.8 MB)
Mia finds out her book has been used for kindling.
(2.1 MB)
Mia unexpectedly meets Cezanne.
(2.7 MB)
During Thanksgiving dinner the family discusses mustard.
(3.5 MB)

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