November 15, 2005

This came in the mail. I hope I am not invading the privacy of the person who made this - this person I do not know, this person that I'll just call "the giver". I guess that's me in the center, "the recipient". I am wearing a little blue-felt-hand-made-hat. I have hat's like that, they're bigger and made out of cotton, but that's my hat. Everything is sewn into the box so I can display it on it's side. There is a cloud, there are ribbons, the red patch, the sparkly golden area. I love how it's both super beautiful and nothing at the same time. I've studied it for a while and I've concluded that everything in this box is an instrument for a magical procedure I do not understand. If I touch the bell in the box, something will happen in this "real" world. It did not come with real instructions, and I'm a little afraid. It seems like I could do something very wrong with this if I'm not careful. I'm just keeping it in my office, looking at it every once in a while. I hope that soon it'll just come to me, how to work it, like when you've been studying Spanish without much success, but then one day, a complete sentence pops out of your mouth.

Posted at November 15, 2005 11:24 AM