Cirque du Soleil™ Journey of Man is a celebration of the human spirit that combines the unique artistry and music of Cirque du Soleil™ with the power of large format film. Filmed on location at various natural and historical landmarks around the world, Cirque du Soleil™ Journey of Man follows the stages of human development from birth to maturity, with each stage introduced by a Cirque du Soleil™ act.

The magical odyssey begins with a resounding "Big Bang" as an explosion of light and sound sends shock waves rippling throughout the universe. As the cosmic dust clears, the Taïko Drummers appear as prehistoric cave dwellers. Within a womb-like cave, an embryonic child appears and the pulsating tribal rhythms of the Taïko Drummers signal the initial heartbeats of life. Graceful Synchronized Swimmers interpret the miracle of birth in a breathtaking underwater performance. As water is a necessary element for all living things, the bubbling deep blue water serves as a harbor to bring forth life.

The young life begins in a place filled with incredible sights and sounds; childhood is seen as a fantastic fantasy world where everything is larger than life. It is here where the Universal Child meets his instincts, the Flounes, who take him by the hand and guide him on his way. These two clowns introduce Child to his emotions. The male Floune is the risk-taker, always sure of himself. For him, everything is possible. Willing to try anything, he is full of wild energy. The female Floune is bright but cautious. She is balanced and respects both sides of every choice. They are each other’s counterpart.

In the company of his instinctual guides, the Flounes, Child experiences wonder, fear and courage. Unexpectedly, the Bungees-extraordinary yellow bird-like creatures dive from the treetops. At first, Child runs and hides, fearing the unfamiliar enormous bird that appears before him. His courage building, Child moves closer, startled yet amazed at the free-flying creatures. In awe of their graceful acrobatic movements, Child stretches out his arms, anxious to experience the wild freedom of their aerial ballet. The Bungees fantastic performance is only a hint of what is to come for Child. Just as childhood can pass quickly, the Bungees suddenly grab hold and hurl the Universal Child into adolescence, in a dramatic rite of passage.

Unlike the confined world of childhood, the adolescent Youth's newfound surroundings are wide open. His choices for the direction he decides to take on the next stage of his journey are limitless. However, Youth is drawn down the path to manhood by the Cube Man. The Cube Man's skillful command of gyrating a giant metallic cube exhibits great strength, and inspires Youth to become more strong and daring. His new found sense of confidence gives him the courage to race along to the next stage in his life.

As Youth begins the journey to manhood, he discovers the bond between a man and a woman. In a 17th century-style garden, two statues seemingly come to life. Exercising great stamina, the Statue Act performers join together in a harmonious balancing act that illustrates the reciprocity of love between a man and a woman. Ultimately, greed proves a more powerful force than love when Man finds himself tempted with an offer of wealth by the demon-like Stiltman. Man believes that wealth will give him the ability to possess anything he so desires. With this power, he can acquire love, like any other possession.

Man eventually realizes that despite his wealth and power there is something missing from his life. Enter the Banquine. These performers put on a rousing display of phenomenal acrobatic feats. Their spectacular performance reveals the child within every adult and Man recaptures the joy of his youth. They help him remember the important things of life and he realizes that wealth does not matter as much to him.

The final stop on Man's journey, the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin, Germany, signifies the hope for the future of mankind. In hindsight, Mature Man has realized that Dreams, Faith and Love, are the necessary keys to life to become a complete human being. These three keys can open doors to endless possibilities. Signaling the dawn of a new beginning, Mature Man hands over the knowledge of his generation to the next. In his wisdom, Mature Man advises that although this adventure may have been his own unique journey, it is truly the destination of all mankind.

A Large Format Film