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"I can't remember when, if ever, Pedro Almodóvar has had as much flamboyant fun as he does in the high-flying comedy 'I'm So Excited!' So off-the-wall, so raw, so risqué, so gay, that it may come as a shock even to Almodóvar fans" – Betsy Sharkey, LA TIMES

"Startling and beautiful...inspired...joyfully stylized. [Almodóvar] knows just how far to go too far." – Richard Brody, THE NEW YORKER

"Looks fabulous, talks dirty...all you can ask of a fleeting lover...I'm So Excited let me lose control, and I think I liked it." – Dana Stevens, SLATE

"A gleeful celebration of sexuality...first class hilarity" – Joe Morgenstern, WALL STREET JOURNAL