Deborra-lee Furness — Jude
A native of Melbourne, Deborra-lee Furness graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. She has since received a string of awards including honors from the Seattle International Film Festival, the Australian Film Critics’ Circle Award and the prestigious Variety Award. Additionally, her guest role on the Australian ABC’s hit television series “SeaChange” earned her a nomination for an Australian Film Institute Award. Deborra-lee has worked extensively in Australian film, television and theatre. Recognized for her roles in the Australian features “Jenny Kissed Me”, “Waiting”, “A Matter of Convenience”, “Angel Baby” and “Shame”, which won critical acclaim around the world for both the film and her performance, she has also distinguished herself in her television roles, including Corelli in the series of the same name and, before that, “Act of Betrayal”, “Fire and Kings”. Deborra-lee’s US credits include “Blue Heat”, “Voyager” and “Newsies”. Having directed theatre in both London and the US, she more recently wrote and directed her first short film, “Standing Room Only”. Deborra-lee currently resides in the US with her husband, son and daughter.

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