Gabriel Byrne — Stewart

Irish-born Gabriel Byrne has worked with some of cinema’s leading directors including the Coen Brothers, Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmush, Ken Loach, John Boorman, David Cronenberg, Michael Mann, and Bryan Singer. Moving between independent and big-budget Hollywood films, he has starred in 35 pictures, produced three and written two. He was nominated for a Tony Award for Eugene O’Neill’s “Moon For The Misbegotten” in 2000. Mr Byrne made a welcome return to Broadway in 2005, winning glowing reviews for his performance as Cornelius Melody in another O’Neill play, “A Touch of The Poet”. Upcoming features include “Wah-Wah”, starring with Emily Watson, and “Played”.

Film Credits

(2005) Assault On Precinct 13
(2004) The Bridge Of San Luis Rey
(2004) P.S.
(2004) Vanity Fair
(2003) Shade
(2002) Ghost Ship
(2002) Emmett’s Mark
(2002) Spider
(2002) Virginia’s Run
(2000) When Brendan Met Trudy
(2000) Canone Inverso - Making Love
(1999) End Of Days
(1999) Stigmata
(1998) Enemy Of The State
(1998) Quest For Camelot (aka Magic Sword: Quest For Camelot)
(1998) The Brylcreem Boys
(1998) The Man In The Iron Mask
(1998) Polish Wedding
(1997) This Is The Sea
(1997) The End Of Violence
(1997) Smilla’s Sense Of Snow
(1996) Dr Hagard’s Disease
(1996) Somebody Is Waiting
(1996) The Last Of The High Kings
(1996) Mad Dog Time
(1995) Frankie Starlight
(1995) The Usual Suspects
(1995) Dead Man
(1994) All Things Bright And Beautiful
(1994) Little Women
(1994) Trial By Jury
(1994) A Simple Twist Of Fate
(1994) Prince Of Jutland
(1993) A Dangerous Woman
(1993) Point Of No Return
(1992) Into The West
(1992) Cool World
(1991) Haakon Haakonsen (aka Shipwrecked)
(1990) Miller’s Crossing
(1989) Diamond Skulls (Aka Dark Obsession)
(1988) The Courier
(1988) A Soldier’s Tale
(1987) Lionheart
(1987) Siesta
(1987) Hello Again
(1987) Giulia E Giulia (aka Julia And Julia)
(1986) Gothic
(1985) Defence Of The Realm
(1983) The Keep
(1983) Hanna K.
(1983) The Rocking Horse Winner
(1981) Excalibur

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