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Shanghai Triad

Golden Globe Nominee For Best Foreign Language Film

Shanghai Triad

A film by ZHANG Yimou

A Shanghai Film Studios, Alpha Films, UGC Images, La Sept Cinema in co-operation
with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France).

A Sony Pictures Classics release.

Shanghai Triad opens in theaters beginning December 20.
Read about the controversy behind the film.

Zhang Yimou, the acclaimed Chinese director of JU DOU, RAISE THE RED LANTERN, and THE STORY OF QIU JU, spins an epic tale of greed, revenge and lust for power set against the Shanghai opium wars of the 1930's. The radiant Gong Li stars as Xiao, the most beautiful singer and prostitute in Shanghai, who becomes a pawn in the struggle between the powerful gang leader and his deputy, who schemes to take control of the city's underworld activities.

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