Ray Lawrence — Director
Ray Lawrence is one of Australia’s most highly regarded directors. The award-winning “Lantana” was released in Australia in 2001­2 and went on to critical acclaim and commercial success in Australia, the US, UK and Europe. [MORE]

Beatrix Christian — Screenwriter
Beatrix Christian graduated from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art playwright’s studio in 1991. Her successful career began with her first play “Spumante Romantica” which was produced by Sydney’s Griffin Theatre in 1992 and has been performed many times since. [MORE]

David Williamson — Director of Photography
David Williamson’s relationship with the director Ray Lawrence goes back to “Bliss”, Ray Lawrence’s award-winning first feature. An integral part of the team, David Williamson has been lighting commercials for Ray Lawrence for many years. He is one of the most experienced camera operators in the world whose 27 film credits include all three of The Matrix films, “Peter Pan” and “Muriel’s Wedding.”

Margot Wilson — Production & Costume Designer
A costume designer on over 19 feature films and mini-series, some of her credits include “Japanese Story”, “Ghost Ship” and Terrence Malick’s “The Thin Red Line”. [MORE]

Deborah Riley - Art Director
With a design background in both architecture and theatre arts Deborah has forged a successful and varied career in film, advertising, theatre and corporate work. Her film credits include “The Matrix”, “Anna and the King” (nominated for an Academy Award for Production Design in 2000) and “Real Women Have Curves”. [MORE]

Karl Sodersten — Editor
In 2001 Karl cut Ray Lawrence’s “Lantana” and his work was nominated for editing awards from both the Australian Film Institute and the Film Critics’ Circle of Australia, while the film itself picked up seven AFI Awards. [MORE]

Paul Kelly — Composer
Paul Kelly is one of Australia’s best-known singer/songwriters. David Fricke, music editor of Rolling Stone in the US, called Kelly ‘one of the finest songwriters I have ever heard, Australian or otherwise’. [MORE]

Dan Luscombe — Composer
Dan Luscombe is a Melbourne-based musician, and a member of The Blackeyed Susans, Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males, and Paul Kelly and the Boon Companions. Having previously worked together on the film Tom White, this is the second time Dan Luscombe and Paul Kelly have collaborated on a film score.

Soteria Bell
A group of singers based in Melbourne, Australia, Soteria Bell performs traditional and original music from around the world including Mongolia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Venezuela, India and Japan. With unique and unusual arrangements for voice and minimal instrumentation including violin, thumb piano, tuned glasses and harmonium, members of the group have diverse backgrounds in the fields of improvisation, harmonic singing and classical styles.

Andrew Plain — Sound Designer
Andrew has been providing quality soundtracks to Australian and overseas films and television series for the past 20 years. [MORE]

Catherine Jarman — Producer
Catherine’s career in the film industry began in 1980 working with Ray Lawrence at his production company Window Productions. [MORE]

Philippa Bateman — Executive Producer
Philippa Bateman is CEO and one of the founders of April Films. April started life with a first-look deal with Universal Studios and later United Artists/MGM. She was also the acquisitions representative for United Artists/MGM for Australia from 2002 – 2004. [MORE]

Garry Charny — Executive Producer
With a background in corporate advi-sory, finance, theatre and the law, Garry was responsible for the merger of April Films and Macquarie Film and Television to create April Entertainment—of which he is a major shareholder. [MORE]